CSS has been approved by the Georgia State Board of Education to offer Governing Board Training to charter schools.  Under current Georgia law charter school Governing Boards are required to receive training annually from a provider approved by the State Board of Education.  CSS is an approved provider.

We offer multiple options in Governance Training and will tailor the training to suit the needs of each particular school.  The titles for the various segments are:

  • Governance Basics (one four-hour segment).
  • How to Write Effective & Empowering Policies (one or two segments).
  • Governing for Excellence (one or two segments).
  • Topics in Governance – Best Practices. This is a user defined course consisting of one or more segments that address issues specific to a particular client.

The CSS board training courses are divided into 4 hour segments.  These segments can be mixed, matched, and modified to fit the needs of a particular charter school board.  Training sessions can be as short as a single four hour refresher course that covers the basics; updates any relevant changes in the law or regulations affecting charter school boards; and, responds to a few questions or issues that are specific to that school.  They can also range up to a full 1 ½ to 2 day board retreat covering not only the basics and any changes in law but also diving much more deeply into ways a charter school governing board can help facilitate and empower the school to achieve higher levels of success.

The cost for the training depends on how much training a particular schools chooses.  The price is $750 per 4 hour segment plus any actual out of pocket costs relating to off site training (such as renting a room for the training, travel costs for training outside of metro Atlanta, etc.).  The cost includes all training materials.  CSS provides all A/V materials needed including a projector and screen if none is available at the site of the training.

COMING SOON!  CSS is currently working on a comprehensive 12 hour governance training course that will meet all of the requirements of the State Charter Schools Commission.  If your Board or some of your board members were not able to attend the Governance Training sessions offered by the SCSC, you can still meet their requirements by attending this comprehensive training workshop.  The workshop will be offered for the first time in May of 2018.  Details coming soon.

Please contact us at 404-992-0130 or use the contact form if you have any questions or would like to schedule Governance Training from CSS.