CSS Fee Schedule

(Effective beginning January 1, 2015)

Charter School Solutions (CSS) has developed different fee structures to meet the varying needs and resources of our clients. Several of CSS’ most popular services are available for a set fee. Clients with limited budgets can select the specific types of assistance that they need the most and can know up front how much they will pay. CSS also offers broader, more comprehensive services that are billed based on set hourly, daily, or job specific flat fee rates. The client is also responsible for CSS’ reasonable expenses.

Charter School Solutions will, upon request, submit a written proposal for services based on hourly, daily, or job specific rates. That proposal will state the scope of the project, contain a projected time line, state the applicable hourly or daily rates, state the estimated number of hours or days that will be required to complete each phase of the project, and provide a summary and estimate of the projected reimbursable expenses for the project. The current hourly and daily rates for CSS services are:

For general consulting:

Regular Rate:

  • $150 per hour for work done at the CSS’ office or at another location in metro Atlanta.
  • $1,400 per day for work performed outside metro Atlanta.

“Mom and Pop” Rate*:

  • $125 per hour for work done at the CSS’ office or at another location in metro Atlanta.
  • $1,200 per day for work performed outside metro Atlanta.

*We realize that individuals and small, community groups who are trying to start or operate a charter school usually do not have a lot of extra money. This lower rate will hopefully make our services affordable to people or groups on a tight budget.

For lobbying:

  • CSS will establish a flat rate in advance for each bill or issue on which we provide lobbying services. This rate will take into account the amount of time projected to be required both before and during the applicable session of the Georgia General Assembly. CSS does not currently provide lobbying on federal issues.

The following is a list of services that are available from CSS for a pre-set fee:

  • Work with a petitioner to develop a set of Measurable Performance Objectives for the charter school.  – $750.00
  • Work with a petitioner to develop a governance plan for the charter school that is consistent with the mission and vision of the school.  – $750.00
  • Work with a petitioner to develop a Budget and business plan for the charter school.  – $2,000.00
  • Perform a comprehensive review of a complete charter petition and provide written feedback and suggestions prior to submission.  – $3,500.00
  • Calculate the amount of public funding a proposed charter school should receive based on the petitioner’s projected enrollment, using  the State QBE funding formula and the most recent budget  available from the local jurisdiction to which you plan to apply.  – $500.00
  • Calculate the correct amount of public funding that an existing charter school should be receiving under Georgia law, compare  that to the amount of funding the school is actually receiving, and report any difference to the school.  – $500.00
  • Negotiate on behalf of a charter school with their local school system and/or the Georgia Department of Education to explain any funding discrepancies for that charter school and obtain the proper level of funding for the charter school.  CSS provides this service for a contingent fee equal to 7% of the additional funding the school receives as a result of resolving the discrepancies up to a maximum fee of $15,000.

Expenses that are the responsibility of the client include:

  • Mileage reimbursements at the IRS approved rate in effect at the time for any travel utilizing automobiles owned or leased by CSS or its employees.
  • Actual travel expenses incurred for any travel utilizing rented vehicles.  CSS staff will generally utilize the less expensive option as between using their own vehicle or renting a vehicle.
  • Actual travel expenses incurred for any necessary travel by air or other common carrier.
  • Actual expenses for any hotels used for projects requiring CSS staff to be away from metro Atlanta overnight.  CSS staff will stay in hotels that are reasonably priced and conveniently located to the work site – typically two or three star hotels will be utilized.
  • A per diem of up to $75 per day (the per diem varies according to where the work is performed) will be billed for each day of a project or portion of a project where the work occurs away from metro Atlanta.