Operator Services

Compliance and Efficiency Management (CEM). Many of the services listed below (as well as some others not listed here) are availalable at discounted package rates.  For more information about these CEM services click here.

Operational Efficiency. CSS assists existing charter schools in evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of many aspects of their operations.

Funding Evaluation. CSS understands charter school funding formulas and how they apply to a given school. This understanding allows the CSS staff to review and evaluate whether a charter school is receiving the proper funding for the students it serves. CSS can then negotiate on behalf of the school with its local school system or the State Department of Education to make any necessary changes and ensure full funding. CSS staff can also identify and recommend operational or reporting changes that a school can implement to optimize the amount of public funding it receives without negatively affecting the mission of the charter or the success of its students.

Board Development. CSS works with the leadership team at existing charter schools to help determine the types of experience or expertise that they may need to add to its Board of Directors so that the Board can more fully support the operations of the charter school. CSS works with the school to develop a plan for immediate and long term recruitment of Board members.

Charter Renewal. CSS helps existing schools that are nearing the end of their charter term as they prepare for the renewal process. CSS can also provide either limited or extensive assistance to a school throughout the renewal process.

Authorizer Relations. From time to time issues can arise or events can occur that can strain the relations between a charter school and its authorizing entity. Disagreements over the impact of a new charter school regulation; Actual or perceived deviations from the original charter contract; or unforeseen events that create changed circumstances for either the charter school or the district can test even the strongest charter-authorizer relations. The CSS staff has extensive experience working with charter schools through difficult or changing circumstances. CSS draws on that experience to help facilitate understanding and agreement between a charter school and its authorizer.

Governance Training.  CSS offers two types of governance training – “Charter School Governance” is a more basic level of training that covers many of the issues that all charter school governing boards need to be aware of and the issues that charter school boards repeatedly face.  “Governing for Excellence” is designed for more experienced charter schools or charter school boards.  It is also well suited for schools that are going through or have recently gone through a major operational transition such as bringing in a new school leader or changing management companies. 

  • Charter School Governance.  In this training we cover topics that all charter school boards need to be up to speed on such as: Open meetings (including requirements for Executive Session); Public records; Supporting and evaluating your school leader; fundraising; understanding charter school budgets; Ensuring compliance with the charter and related laws and regulations; How to know the difference between governance and management issues; and, How the board can stick to governing and refrain from managing.  The content for this training has been, and continues to be developed through more than a decade serving on charter school governing boards, working with charter school governing boards, observing and reading about how charter school boards have dealt (successfully and unsuccessfully) with many common and some uncommon governance issues, attending numerous governance training sessions, and close study of the rules and regualtions that apply to charter school governing boards.
  • Governing for Excellence.  In this training we hit the highlights of the issues covered in “Charter School Governance” but treat it as more of a refresher course for more experienced boards.  We then cover topics that are vital to the long-term success of any organization such as: Creating and maintaining solid mission, vision, and core values for your school; Fostering the right culture that is consistent with your core values; Hiring, supporting, and evaluating the right leader; Creating and maintaining the right organization; Avoiding common (and uncommon) pitfalls; and, setting your school up for long-term sustainability and success.  This training is based on the research and writings of several leading experts in the areas of charter school, corporate, and non-profit governance; leading books on corporate excellence; and, all of the experiences mentioned above that helped us create our “Charter School Governance” training.