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Overview of CSS

Charter School Solutions, Inc (CSS) offers a wide array of consulting services to help our clients create and operate successful, high quality charter schools. Most of our clients are located or doing business in Georgia and the CSS staff has an extensive and unique combination of experience in the Georgia charter school sector. However, over the years, CSS’ founder Phil Andrews has gained valuable experience nationally. That experience, along with our extensive national network of charter school resources, allows CSS to serve clients across the United States.

CSS works with all types of charter petitioners including individuals; small groups of teachers, parents, or community members; corporations; developers; existing public schools; local school systems; non-profit organizations; and, colleges or universities. CSS also works with existing charter schools in a number of areas including finances/funding, operations, governance, charter renewal, leadership transitions, media relations, and authorizer relations among others. In 2008, CSS has worked with three petitioners seeking local charter school approval from two Georgia school systems. Out of 11 petitions submitted in those two systems only 3 petitions were approved. Two of them were CSS clients.

In addition to its work with individual charter school petitioners and operators CSS conducts presentations and speaking engagements on nearly any issue that is relevant to starting or operating a charter school. CSS advocates on behalf of its clients on legislation and regulations that affect charter schools, conducts research and analysis on current charter school policy, and assists charter school advocates in developing and supporting stronger charter school policy.

CSS is a small, family owned business with only two employees. However, that small staff has a wealth of experience in business, law, and charter schools. That combined experience includes: 15 years in business banking, 10 years in litigation, and 15 years in various roles related to starting, operating, and supporting charter schools.

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